Thursday, May 24, 2007


1. Railway rules are laid for passengers’ safety and well-being. Please observe it.

2. The Indian Railways belong to you. Please ensure that it runs well. Please cooperate with it to catchup with new technologies to serve you better. Your backing up of our efforts is vital to its progress.

3. Indian Railways are India’s arteries. Protect this lifeline from miscreants and antisocial elements.

4. Put up with unavoidable delays and irritants. Indian Railways are the world’s largest Railway network system. One mishap even at the fag end of the country can derail its countrywide system.

5. Express your dissent forcefully on forceful blocking of train movements on reasons alien to the Railways. Expose such antisocial elements.

6. Ticketless travellers and touts are criminals. They deprive the Railways of its rightful revenues and your rights for safe and comfortable travels. Report such cases to the authorities for stern action.

7. Railway police is your friend in need and deed. They can act only with your cooperation. Report movements of suspicious characters to the Railway Police. If you are in distress seek help from the Railway Police.

8. Pull the ‘Stop Chain’ only in case of an emergency; lest it dislocates train movements all over the country.

9. Valid Ticket holding passengers enjoy certain rights. If your rights are violated ensure enforcement of your rights.

10. A Train is a home in motion. Ensure cleanliness all-around. Don’t use train toilets at stations. Liberal alms make your temporary home ‘A beggar’s refuge’ and a ‘criminal’s paradise’.

11. Do not carry explosives or inflammable materials in trains. A fire accident may extinguish your life,

12. National calamities can be many; war; flood, drought, earth quake, cyclone and a host of others. Remember your Railways are in the fore front of captaining humanitarian relief operations for citizens in distress to the core.

13. Less crowd on platforms ensure better hygiene, less pollution and less noise; one to receive and one to send off being the maxim. Affection to one and inconvenience to many do not make a good recipe.

14. Railways confer on you the right to carry your luggage to your destination. Excessive baggage nconveniences your fellow passengers. Free movement is a sine-qua-non for comfortable travel.

15. Sex and looks are at times deceptive. Never accept any doles or eatables from sweet mouthed cheats. The food offered is always doped to dupe the gullible.

16. Do not dole out your history to the strangers. Take good care of your own safety and that of your kith and kin. Your history sheet can be a potential tool to target your relations too.

17. Identify the ownership of the baggage around you. Label your own baggage. If you come across unidentified baggage, report immediately to the authorities.

18. Indian Railways are passenger -welfare oriented. Please report any misdemeanor by Railway staff to higher authorities to rectify the loop holes.

19. Travel broaden one’s outlook on life. Travel frequently with Indian Railways, carriers to the nation. With pride we will take you to the length and breadth of our country.

20. Use the garbage bin at stations for waste disposal in the interest of cleanliness and hygiene.

21. We respect the queue system as it is passenger friendly. We expect you too to respect it.

22. Please be considerate and respectful to Senior Citizens, ladies and the physically challenged persons. The Indian culture exhorts us to do so.

23. Please buy your tickets only from authorized sources or from the Railway ticket counter. Buying your ticket from unauthorized sources or illegal transfer of tickets may land you in prison.

24. Act less familiar to strangers acting more familiar. It ensures your safety. Never accept food or help offered by strangers. In case you need help, Station Masters are duty bound to be in your service.

25. Please be cosiderate to the Railway staff. Remember they are in your service looking after your comforts.



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Anonymous said...

Have you ever been given Stale rotten food to self and family on a rajdhani ? Thousands of people have.. pl connect to reality and then write such articles