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By David McNally

The eagle gently coaxed her offspring toward the edge of the nest. Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions as she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging.
Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the fear of falling? she thought. This ageless question still remained unanswered for her.
As in the tradition of the species, her nest was located high upon the shelf of a sheer rock face. Below there was nothing but air to support the wings of each child.
Is it possible that this time it will not work? she thought. Despite her fears the eagle knew it was time. Her parental mission was all but complete.
There remained one final task...the push. The eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom. Until her children discovered their wings, there was no purpose to their lives.
Until they learned how to soar, they would fail to understand the privilege of having been born an eagle. The push was the greatest gift she had to offer. It was her supreme act of love.
And so, one by one, she pushed them and...

Courtesy: E-mail from Mr. G. S. Khurana

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Quotes to learn from

Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly far higher than if you 
aimed at an object on a level with yourself.
J. Howse

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.
Louisa May Alcott

You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.
James Allen

Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood. Make big plans: aim high.
D. H. Burnham

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in 
two small jumps.
David Lloyd George

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Motivational Quotes

Take the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well.
Jean Jacques Rousseau

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is matter of choice; it is not 
a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
William Jennings Bryan

Resolve that whatever you do you will bring the whole man to it; that you will fling the whole weight of your being into it.
Orison Swett Marden

Unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top.
J. C. Penny 

There has never yet been a man in our history who led a life of ease whose name is worth remembering.
Theodore Roosevelt

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man-and I will show you a failure.
Thomas Edison 

To make it to the top, you’ve got to want it with all your heart.
Linda Wachman

Each day you have to look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m going to be the best I can no matter what it takes.”
Barbara Jordan

Let your heart soar as high as it will Refuse to be average.
W. Tozer

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tips for improvingcustomer
service skills

Dave O'Neill, operations manager of Fairview Motors in Dublin has a few excellent tips for anyone wanting to improve their customer service skills.

First contact:

O'Neill says that it's crucial that the first contact made by a customer is handled correctly. "Make sure that the customer isn't put through to an answering service. The personal touch is really important. This marks the first stage in building up a good relationship with a new customer, so it's important that he or she is greeted well and pleasantly."
You should also know what to do with a customer who isn't sure which person or department to contact. "No customer wants to be given the run around and to be put through to several people before they find the right person to deal with. A good response at first point of contact makes the customer feel at ease and gives the impression that the company is 'switched on'."

Knowing your customer:
"Knowing your product is essential for customer service", says O'Neill. "But knowing your customer is even more important. You need to be able to qualify his or her needs and help him or her to make the right choices and decisions." O'Neill explains the usefulness of enlightened foresight. For example, someone buying a family car will need to think in terms of both present and future needs, because what seems right today may not be suitable two year from now. Effective customer service professionals will take the time to discuss all the options - and they won't try to sell something that the customer doesn't want
"The customer has a certain price, quality and quantity in mind and it's your role to ensure that you understand and respond to this specification. People will not buy a suit that does not fit. Neither will they buy a car, or any product that does not suit."

Keeping your customer:
Your responsibility does not end with customers parting with the readies: the back-up service they receive is key to retaining their loyalty. "The quality of the product and the service will be remembered long after the price is forgotten," O'Neill points out. "Make absolutely sure that your sales are backed up with excellent service."
"Customers will tell their friends and other people about good quality service. And they will want to repeat the experience if it was a positive one. This word-of-mouth recommendation is the cheapest form of advertising you can get. If you want to stay in business for the long haul, then you must cherish your customer
Dealing with complaints:
"The ability to deal well with negativity and to turn it around when confronted with it is the mark of a true professional", O'Neill argues. "The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer. People hate to be made a fool of. They like people to be up front. If you have made a mistake or if there is a problem with the product, then be prepared to react as fast and efficiently as possible. Admit there is a problem and be prepared to sort it out."

How we are treated is a key to any relationship, so if the person dealing with customers behaves in an arrogant or unhelpful way, they will take their custom elsewhere.

"Appealing to people's common sense is also key to dealing with negativity. Take the attitude: Let's work through this. Let's see what we can do."
Professional pride:
Finally, O'Neill advises that you take pride in your profession: "Maintain high standards and aspire to higher ones. And above all be a team player in your organisation." Enjoying and respecting your work will shine through to others.
You may think your customers are freaks and whingers but the hallmark of a customer service professional is giving great service anyway. (Source - unknown)
Its applications, its limitations and its versatility

STICKER is a term used in common parlance. It is technically termed as ‘PRESSURE SENSITIVE STRIP’ - a strip that is sensitive to touch. Any material coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive turns self-adhesive.

The applications of self-sticking labels are universal. At homes stickers are used as write-on labels or printed labels such as address labels with names etc. In business establishments self-adhesive labels are used in Accounts, Administration, HRD, Public Relations Sales & Marketing, Warehouse, Shipping and Packing departments.

Wide ranges of universally accepted, elegantly designed efficiency labels are available carrying user instructions, warnings and messages meant for those who handle it or use it.

Innovative designs are a treat to the eyes. Base material for stickers are chosen with an eye on adaptability on applications. Paper, Vinyl Film, Polyester film (plain or vacuum metallic) are some among the base materials. Adhesives are also selected to suit the applications. If the sticker is to remain permanently on the applied surface a different grade of adhesive should be selected. While selecting the siliconised release paper, it is always better to choose a thick coated paper for better peel-off quality and tear resistance.

Stickers For Publicity:

Stickers are widely used for publicity at sales points and on vehicles and considered the second best effective publicity, standing next to TV Publicity. It complements all other publicity efforts as it serves as reminders when actual purchase takes place at sales points. At a time when shopping is considered as a family outing occasion, stickers displayed at sales points seldom miss the attention of the shoppers. Similarly stickers applied on moving vehicles - adhesive coated on the printed surface if used as glass stickers - travels far and wide catching the attention of all road users. Inexpensive PVC Sunvisor stickers - price ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 are a boon to the drivers as it prevents the glare from direct sunlight. Auto men welcome it. With city Corporations bent on a near corporal punishment on outdoors advertisers, SUNVISOR STICKERS is the best effective option.

Sticker Limitations:

The surface to which a sticker is stuck determines the effectiveness of the sticking property. A sticker will stick effectively only on an even surface free from dust, moisture, grease or oil. The life of a paper sticker is about six months under proper storage conditions. Paper being porous absorbs the coated adhesive leading to its discolourisation. White will turn to an ugly white in course of time if stored long. In case of synthetic films adhesive absorption never takes place and the adhesive will ooze out on sides making packed stickers sticking to one another. Stickers coated with rubber-based adhesive separate during long storage. Screen-printed stickers enjoy depth of colours besides the economy of low quantity printing. While it can be supplied pre-cut in sheet form at extra cost, it does not enjoy the easy peelability and application facility of stickers available in roll form.
Courtesy: FUJICON - Mfrs, of a wide range of
low cost quality stickers since 1969

DEVIL’S DESIGNS or .........

A leading Automobile Manufacturing company received an unusual complaint. The text was as follows: -

“This is the second time I have written to you and I don’t blame for not answering me, because I sounded crazy, but is a fact that we have a tradition in our family of ice cream for dessert after dinner each night. But the kind of ice cream varies so, every night. After our dinner, the whole family votes on which kind of ice cream we should have and I drive down to the store to get it. It is also a fact that I have recently purchased your new brand of luxury car and since then my trips to the store have created a new problem. You see every time I buy a vanilla ice cream, when I start back from the store my car won’t start. If I get any other kind of ice cream, the car starts fine. I want you to know I’m serious about this question, no matter how silly it sounds: “What is there about the car that makes it not start when I get vanilla Ice cream, and easy to start whenever I get any other kind?”

The car manufacturer was understandably skeptical about the letter, but sent an engineer to check it anyway. The latter was surprised to be greeted by a successful, obviously well educated man in a fine neighborhood.

He had arranged to meet the man just after dinnertime, so the two hopped into the car and drove to the ice cream store. It was vanilla ice cream that night and, sure enough, after they came back to the car, it would ‘not start. The Engineer returned for three more nights. The first night, they got chocolate, the car started. The second night he got strawberry. The car started. The third night he ordered vanilla. The car failed to start. Now the engineer, being a logical man, refused to believe that this man’s car was allergic to vanilla ice cream. He arranged therefore, to continue his visits for as long as it took to solve the problem. And towards this end he began to take notes: he jotted down all sorts of data: time of day, type of gas used, time to drive back and forth etc. In a short time he had a clue; the man took less time to buy vanilla than any other flavor. Why? The answer was in the layout of the store.

Vanilla being the most popular flavor was in a separate case at the front of the store for quick pickup. All the other flavors were kept in the back of the store at a different counter where it took considerably longer to check out the flavor.

Now the question for the Engineer was why the car wouldn’t start when it took less time. Once time became the problem - not the Vanilla Ice Cream. “Eureka”, The Engineer quickly came up with the answer: “Vapor Lock”. It was happening every night; but the extra time taken to get the other flavors allowed the engine to cool down sufficiently to start. When the man got Vanilla, the engine was still too hot for the vapor lock to dissipate.
Courtesy - E-mail

Customer service, as it should be: do we ever strive this hard?
K. Mathew Thomas)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


1. Railway rules are laid for passengers’ safety and well-being. Please observe it.

2. The Indian Railways belong to you. Please ensure that it runs well. Please cooperate with it to catchup with new technologies to serve you better. Your backing up of our efforts is vital to its progress.

3. Indian Railways are India’s arteries. Protect this lifeline from miscreants and antisocial elements.

4. Put up with unavoidable delays and irritants. Indian Railways are the world’s largest Railway network system. One mishap even at the fag end of the country can derail its countrywide system.

5. Express your dissent forcefully on forceful blocking of train movements on reasons alien to the Railways. Expose such antisocial elements.

6. Ticketless travellers and touts are criminals. They deprive the Railways of its rightful revenues and your rights for safe and comfortable travels. Report such cases to the authorities for stern action.

7. Railway police is your friend in need and deed. They can act only with your cooperation. Report movements of suspicious characters to the Railway Police. If you are in distress seek help from the Railway Police.

8. Pull the ‘Stop Chain’ only in case of an emergency; lest it dislocates train movements all over the country.

9. Valid Ticket holding passengers enjoy certain rights. If your rights are violated ensure enforcement of your rights.

10. A Train is a home in motion. Ensure cleanliness all-around. Don’t use train toilets at stations. Liberal alms make your temporary home ‘A beggar’s refuge’ and a ‘criminal’s paradise’.

11. Do not carry explosives or inflammable materials in trains. A fire accident may extinguish your life,

12. National calamities can be many; war; flood, drought, earth quake, cyclone and a host of others. Remember your Railways are in the fore front of captaining humanitarian relief operations for citizens in distress to the core.

13. Less crowd on platforms ensure better hygiene, less pollution and less noise; one to receive and one to send off being the maxim. Affection to one and inconvenience to many do not make a good recipe.

14. Railways confer on you the right to carry your luggage to your destination. Excessive baggage nconveniences your fellow passengers. Free movement is a sine-qua-non for comfortable travel.

15. Sex and looks are at times deceptive. Never accept any doles or eatables from sweet mouthed cheats. The food offered is always doped to dupe the gullible.

16. Do not dole out your history to the strangers. Take good care of your own safety and that of your kith and kin. Your history sheet can be a potential tool to target your relations too.

17. Identify the ownership of the baggage around you. Label your own baggage. If you come across unidentified baggage, report immediately to the authorities.

18. Indian Railways are passenger -welfare oriented. Please report any misdemeanor by Railway staff to higher authorities to rectify the loop holes.

19. Travel broaden one’s outlook on life. Travel frequently with Indian Railways, carriers to the nation. With pride we will take you to the length and breadth of our country.

20. Use the garbage bin at stations for waste disposal in the interest of cleanliness and hygiene.

21. We respect the queue system as it is passenger friendly. We expect you too to respect it.

22. Please be considerate and respectful to Senior Citizens, ladies and the physically challenged persons. The Indian culture exhorts us to do so.

23. Please buy your tickets only from authorized sources or from the Railway ticket counter. Buying your ticket from unauthorized sources or illegal transfer of tickets may land you in prison.

24. Act less familiar to strangers acting more familiar. It ensures your safety. Never accept food or help offered by strangers. In case you need help, Station Masters are duty bound to be in your service.

25. Please be cosiderate to the Railway staff. Remember they are in your service looking after your comforts.



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Today's Professional Management FUNDAS
(Given below is an exact reproduction of an E-mail received by us. We will be very happy to give the credit to the Author if we are told of him)

1."We will do it" means "You will do it"

2."You have done a great job" means "More work to be given to you"

3."We are working on it" means "We have not yet started working on the same"

4."Tomorrow first thing in the morning" means "Its not getting done "At least not tomorrow!"

5."After discussion we will decide-I am very open to views" means "I have already decided, I will tell you what to do"

6."There was a slight miscommunication" means "We had actually lied"

7."Lets call a meeting and discuss" means "I have no time now, will talk later"

8."We can always do it" means "We actually cannot do the same on time"

9."We are on the right track but there needs to be a slight extension of the deadline" means "The project is screwed up, we cannot deliver on time."

10."We had slight differences of opinion "means "We had actually fought and messed up"

11."Make a list of the work that you do and let's see how I can help you" means "Anyway you have to find a way out no help from me"

12."You should have told me earlier" means "Well even if you told me earlier that would have made hardly any difference!"

13."We need to find out the real reason" means "Well I will tell you where your fault is"

14."Well Family is important; your leave is always granted. Just ensure that the work is not affected," means, "Well you know..."

15."We are a team," means, "I am not the only one to be blamed"

16."That's actually a good question" means "I do not know anything about it"

17 ."All the Best" means "You are in trouble"

Today's Professional Management FUNDAS

1."We will do it" means "You will do it"

2."You have done a great job" means "More work to be given to you"

3."We are working on it" means "We have not yet started working on the same"

4."Tomorrow first thing in the morning" means "Its not getting done "At least not tomorrow!"

5."After discussion we will decide-I am very open to views" means "I have already decided, I will tell you what to do"

6."There was a slight miscommunication" means "We had actually lied"

7."Lets call a meeting and discuss" means "I have no time now, will talk later"

8."We can always do it" means "We actually cannot do the same on time"

9."We are on the right track but there needs to be a slight extension of the deadline" means "The project is screwed up, we cannot deliver on time."

10."We had slight differences of opinion "means "We had actually fought and messed up"

11."Make a list of the work that you do and let's see how I can help you" means "Anyway you have to find a way out no help from me"

12."You should have told me earlier" means "Well even if you told me earlier that would have made hardly any difference!"

13."We need to find out the real reason" means "Well I will tell you where your fault is"

14."Well Family is important; your leave is always granted. Just ensure that the work is not affected," means, "Well you know..."

15."We are a team," means, "I am not the only one to be blamed"

16."That's actually a good question" means "I do not know anything about it"
17. "All the Best" means "You are in trouble
Acknowledgement - E-mail

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Quotes from Muhammad Ali -The Boxer

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." —Time magazine (1978)
"It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up." —New York Times (1977)

"I’m not the greatest; I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ‘em out, I pick the round."—New York Times (1962)
"I know where I’m going and I know the truth and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want."—after announcing he’s joined the Nation of Islam (1964)
"I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong."—refusing military induction based on religious grounds (1966)
"I am the greatest." —favorite slogan first used in 1962 "I’m so mean I make medicine sick"—promoting his "Rumble in the Jungle" bout with George Foreman in 1974
"I said a lot of things in the heat of the moment that I shouldn’t have said. Called him names I shouldn’t have called him. I apologize for that. I’m sorry. It was all meant to promote the fight."—from an interview in the New York Times (March 2001), apologizing to former opponent Joe Frazier, who he called an "Uncle Tom" and "a gorilla" while promoting the first of their three legendary fights in 1971
"The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life."—Playboy magazine (1975)
"I strongly object to the fact that so many newspapers have given the American public and the world the impression that I have only two alternatives in taking this stand: either I go to jail or go to the Army. There is another alternative and that alternative is justice. If justice prevails, if my Constitutional rights are upheld, I will be forced to go neither to the Army nor jail. In the end I am confident that justice will come my way for the truth must eventually prevail."—from his official statement refusing induction to the armed forces (1967)
"I’m the best. I just haven’t played yet."—when asked about his golf game "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."—catchphrase said to have originated with his aide Drew "Bundini" Brown (1964)

The five P’s of leadership will help you stay on track
to positive organizational change. Remember to pay
attention to what’s important, praise what you want to c
ontinue, punish what you want to stop, pay for the results you want, and promote the people who deliver those results and you’ll help your organization be the very best that it can become.
Source: unknown

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The Sales Digest

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Customer is King
Ten Points to Superb Customer Service

1. Customers are the most important people in our business.
2. Customers are not dependent on us - we are dependent on them.
3. Customers are not an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it.
4. Customers do us an honours when they call. We are not doing them a favour by serving them.
5. Customers are part of our business, not outsiders. They are our guests.
6. Customers are not cold statistics or numbers. They are flesh and blood human beings with
feelings and emotions like our own.
7. Customers are not someone to argue with or match wits with. Nobody ever won an
argument with a customer.
8. Customers bring us their wants. It is our job to fill them.
9. Customers deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give them.
10. Customers have the right to expect an employee to present a neat, clean appearance.

Responsibility Towards Employees!

• a company that provides its employees with equal opportunities for rewards and advancement without regard to race, sex, or other irrelevant factors is meeting its social responsibilities
• some companies go beyond these legal requirements and hire the
hard-core unemployed (people
with little education and training and a history of unemployment) and those who are disabled
• firms must make sure that the workplace is safe (both physically and emotionally)
• e.g. physical safety – repair gas leak; emotional safety – intolerance of an abusive manager
• companies must also respect their employees’ privacy
• An American company sued for installing telephone bugs in one of its plants
• whistle-blowers try to end unethical behaviour in the firm, but often result in troubled situations - Courtesy: Internet


Every business in the world has some certain unique features, which has to be learnt and practiced a lot in order to be successful in an enterprise. For example, a swimmer has to do practice regularly for hours in order to keep them fit for competitions. Even though the swimmer has succeeded in number of competition he has to work out regularly, everyday in order to defend his position at the highest level.

During his training he should focus on the mistakes he had made in the past competitions, he should train and prepare himself in such a way that he shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes in future. There is an analogy between the competitive sports and salesmanship. As like in sports salesperson has to master the art of selling the products of the enterprise to the customers. The sales person himself should learn the fundamentals of selling and master them in order to get best results. The nature of sales personality depends on certain extent on heredity and environment. An intelligent salesman would combine the study and actual practice of the fundamentals by analysis.

A good successful salesman should posses some certain qualities in order to achieve success.

1. Sales personality

Sales personality is all about the sales man itself. Personality can be produced and improved by developing the qualities in the positive traits. A person may not have all essential qualities of a sales person but he has to strive in order to compensate the lacking. The positive qualities to be developed, in order to increase and improve the salesman’s personality such as kindness, courage, confidence, honesty, loyalty, good health, and cheerfulness.

All the sales person would not have all the positive qualities they might have some negative qualities such as fear, gloominess, cowardice etc. These qualities should be neglected from the sales person. Habits once formed are always difficult to change. A person who has the capability to work hard will always work without any difficulties. So it is necessary for the salesperson to develop the positive traits which may be difficult at the beginning, and there by building a positive personality.

Some of the important aspects to be developed by the sales person to achieve success are:

(a) Physical traits

It includes health, breadth, posture, speech, and appearance. Without good health the sales person would not have the endurance to sell the product or achieve his targets. He may also be required to move about different places, which would be difficult for him, and as well as stand during the greater part of the day. Offensive breadth must be avoided because it may repel the customers. It can be easily detected and controlled by the salesperson himself. It may be caused to defective teeth or physical disorders or, from stomach. Good posture considerably enhances the appearance and personality of the sale person’s. Good posture doesn’t mean a straight and rigid posture. It means unnecessary tension of muscles should be avoided. Voice should be very expressive, pleasant and it should attract the customers a lot. The voice should not be high pitched, hoarse or monotonous. Neat and pleasing appearance is essential for a salesperson in any walk of life. A good appearance of a sales person will give him confidence in presenting his arguments in a convincing manner without being distracted by fear of his own appearance. Appropriate way of dressing also plays a key role in appearance; it should be clean and fit well. The salesperson should know how to smile; a good natural smile would enhance his appearance.

(b) Mental Traits

Mental traits include accuracy, alertness, imagination, initiative, observation, and self-confidence etc. The salesman should be alert, ready to find out ways and means of serving the customers. Alertness is a part in which the sales person should inspire confidence of the customers. Customers normally would not like hurried salespersons as well a slow one. It is one of the most important mental attributes, which should be developed by the salesperson.

If a salesman with imagination will have the capability to visualize the articles required by the customer, such a customer would be relieved and so grateful for suggestions and ideas given by the salesperson. The salesperson should be able to think and decide for himself instead of having to be told everything, he should be self-reliant. The important quality in a good salesperson is the ego drive, which makes him want to make the sale. He must remain enthusiastic of the job. The salesperson should have the capability to take decisions for himself and assist the wavering customers into making his decisions by gentle means of questions and suggestions.

The salesperson should have the attribute of keen observation. A person who is a keen observer will immediately sort out the problems and find a solution as soon as possible. The salesman must be interested in his work and strive to learn all the duties of the different phases. He must pay a close attention to, the customers, the product he sells, and the enterprise he works for. Self-confidence springs from the knowledge. Therefore he should acquire thorough knowledge of the goods he sells, likely type of customers. The salesperson should have confidence in himself and products he sells to the customers.

(c) Social traits

The ability to make friends and to get along with the people in one of the most valuable assets. Social traits includes, ability to meet the public, the most important quality of a salesperson to meet the public and speak about the product he wants to sell them. He is also required to overcome considerable resistance, deal with the strangers in his selling activity and open up new territories. The salesman should always be polite and generous to his work and to the customers. It deals, not to be late for appointments, addressing customers in a friendly way. Never losing temper, saying thank you and good-bye while leaving. All the workers should be cooperative help one another to make pleasant working conditions.

(d) Character traits

There are some important attributes in a person’s character. No one can expect to be successful unless he follows some modal characteristics. It includes honesty and reliability, enthusiasm, industry and persistence.

2. Knowledge of goods

The salesperson should have the knowledge about the products he is selling. Sales person without technical knowledge about the product would be a danger to he customer. Naturally he cannot explain something prospective to the customers, which he himself doesn’t understand .If the salesman has the knowledge about the product he would be able answer all the queries raised by the customers. Even if a single answer were not given clearly, the customer would doubt about the quality of the product. Besides by having the knowledge it will become easier to make the customer understand about the product.

The extent of the knowledge required of a salesman depends on whether he is in selling high cost products or low priced products. The salesperson should acquire information as to the policies behind the products as these are reflected in the products. Knowledge of the production methods can de used by the salesman to justify the cost of the product, he should also know about the law affecting the sales and selling, knowledge about the firm, knowledge about tariffs delivery conditions also. There are different methods to acquire knowledge about the products:

Ø Personal experience.
Ø Reading books, trade journals.
Ø Consulting with the seniors.
Ø Studying advertisement.
Ø Reading sales manual.
Ø Meetings and conferences.

3. Importance buying motives
There are number of motives. The commonest motives are fear, profit, pride, comfort, fashion, health, and habit. A salesman selling life insurance may utilize the motive of love for the family, loyalty, therefore he should find out the fears involved in it. It may be death, fear of loss etc. Profit in this the salesman should make the two points clear to make money, save money. He should motivate the customers to buy the products he sell about the positive aspects and negative aspects which would provide a clear picture to the customer, whether this product would suite them or not. And by giving suggestions and ideas to the customers

Sunday, March 4, 2007

An unusual
on the late honourable
Chief Minister.
Mr. C.N.Annadurai

This happened in the late 60’s. The election fever was plaguing Tamilnadu. An idea suddenly struck on me. Why not use the opportunity to introduce my company’s new product for an unconventional use. I had to plan because the nut I was to crack was really hard.

Around 7.30 in the morning I carried my heavy bag and left for the late Chief Minister Mr. Annadurai’s residence at Nungambakkam, Chennai. The call planning went awry. At the entrance a lady was found bargaining for a better price with a vegetable vendor. When I revealed my intention to see Mr. Annadurai in broken Tamil she gave me a curious look. My dress was in western style as per company norms with a red and black noose neck-tie around. She asked me to meet Mr. Annadurai at 10.00 a m.

I left and returned at the stroke of 10. In the midst of a large crowd I was led into a hall in the first floor. I was the odd man out. All the rest were clad in their native apparel. Soon Mr. Annadurai barged in. He had an unshaven face and was clad in a simple Dhothi, with a stitched white cloth banian. The assembled rose in respect and a few went ahead and prostrated before him. I was awe struck and stood numb for a second. He came smiling and sat next to me and asked me the purpose of my visit in an unforgettable soft tone.

I took out a red and black coloured printed adhesive tape, just introduced in India that was made for a company called Davis & White. I still remember; he praised me on my initiative and expressed his liking for the product as a new type of publicity material. In a high pitch he called “KARUNA’ and Mr. M. Karunanidhi, - the present Chief Minister - a lean young person then with an unusual hair style came in. Mr. Annadurai showed him the product and recommended its use for election publicity.

I was new to Madras then and understanding my difficulty in conversing in Tamil he took Mr. Era Chezhian along with him. His first question was that how long the sticker will last once stuck. Till it is removed, I replied. ‘So it will not remain permanent’, he quipped. ‘What is permanent in this world; I countered. He remained silent. I was asked to call on him later; but that did not materialise as he had then met with an accident. My distributor was happy that I did not bag the order as he did not have much trust in political business. But my Manager on seeing my DCR sent me an excellent letter that motivated me later to pursue more adventures most of which brought me results and credits.

I remember this call as I could see in the late Chief Minister a great political leader of exceptional humility and warmth. I also stood face to face with the hero of my dream Mr. M. Karunanidhi whose “PARASHAKTHI’, - I saw it in early 50s during my college days- completely changed my outlook on life. (K. Mathew Thomas)


Light the candle in your homes and your hearts before
lighting them in the temples.

The aim is to be the best and never settle
for the second best.

Be better informed than the average.

Getters generally don’t get happiness,
givers get it.

Divide and conquer your goal,

By the yard, it is hard;

By an inch, it is an cinch.

A good leader is the one who produces leaders,
like a lamp lighting another lamp.

Letter is a norm builder.

Doing your best is more important
than doing the best.

It is not sugar that makes the milk sweeter,
it is the stirring.

Do a little more than you are paid to,

Give a little more than you have to,
Try a little harder than you want to,

Aim a little higher than you think possible,


Give a lot of thanks to God for health, family and friends.
(Source unknown

Friday, March 2, 2007


The following question, I have raised
in an international forum: -

How would you react to Church Heads
participating in Commercial Evangelists'
money-spinning carnivals?

More on the above question! I am a regular viewer of Commercial Evangelists' soap operas telecast through different channels all over the world where they claim of Holy Spirit’s intervention, divine healing and go on misinterpreting Bible to suit their interests. What I find most disgusting is the presence of ecclesiastical community, mostly Bishops, sharing the podium, nodding, singing and gesturing in appreciation of misplaced Evangelism. Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ for 30 silvers by kissing him. Here the Evangelists are warmly kissed betraying and tarnishing the image of Jesus Christ and Christianity either for a TV-Screen presence or for some tangible returns. The pathetic fact is that the presence of church-heads gives respectability and credibility to the Commercial Evangelists that help them in their collection drive and their building personal assets all over the world. Is this not a deplorable conduct that is hostile to Christianity and the faith of true Christians?

Out of the several answers I have
received, voters chose the one below
as the Best Answer:
If God has intended that man should learn His religion from a book, the Bible, surely God would have given that book to man. Christ would have given that book to man. Did He do it? He did not. Christ sent His Apostles throughout the whole universe and said, "Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Christ did not say, "Sit down and write Bibles and scatter them over the earth, and let every man read his Bible and judge for himself." If Christ had said that, there would never have been a Christianity on the earth at all, but a Babylon and confusion instead, and never one Church, the union of one body. Hence, Christ never said to His Apostles, "Go and write Bibles and distribute them, and let everyone judge for himself." That injunction was reserved for the Sixteenth Century, and we have seen the result of it. Ever since the Sixteenth Century there have been springing up religion upon religion, and churches upon churches, all fighting and quarreling with one another, and all because of the private interpretation of the Bible. Christ sent His Apostles with authority to teach all nations, and never gave them any command of writing the Bible. And the Apostles went forth and preached everywhere, and planted the Church of God throughout the earth, but never thought of writing Up to that time the whole world for three hundred years did not know what the Bible was. Hence, they could not take the Bible for their guide, for they did not know what constituted the Bible. Would our Divine Saviour, if He intended man to learn his religion from a book, have left the Christian world for three hundred years without that book? Most assuredly not. It is Divine Faith alone by which we give honor and glory to God, by which we adore His infinite wisdom and veracity. That adoration and worship is necessary for salvation. We must have Faith in order to be saved, and we must have Divine Faith, not human faith. Human faith will not save a man, but only Divine Faith. What is Divine Faith? It is to believe, upon the authority of God, the truths that God has revealed, that is Divine Faith. To believe all that God has taught upon the authority of God, and to believe without doubting, without hesitation. For the moment you begin to doubt or hesitate, that moment you begin to mistrust the authority of God, and, therefore, insult God by doubting His word. Divine Faith, therefore, is to believe without doubting and without hesitating. Human faith is belief upon the authority of men, on human authority. But Divine Faith is to believe without doubting, without hesitating, whatsoever God has revealed upon the authority of God, upon the Word of God.

Source(s):Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. (1815 - 1890)
This answer is also pasted in my other web sites namely: -

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


You deserve a break today (McDonalds)
Be all that you can be (U.S. Army).
Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot (Pepsi Cola).
M'm, M'm good (Campbell's).
See the USA in your Chevrolet (GM).
I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener (Oscar Meyer).
Double your pleasure, double your fun (Wrigley's Doublemint gum).
Winston tastes good like a cigarette should (Winston).
It's the Real Thing (Coca Cola).
Brylcreem-- A little dab'll do ya


Diamonds are forever (DeBeers)
Just do it (Nike)
The pause that refreshes (Coca-Cola)
Tastes great, less filling (Miller Lite)
We try harder (Avis)
Good to the last drop (Maxwell House)
Breakfast of champions (Wheaties)
Does she ... or doesn't she? (Clairol)
When it rains it pours (Morton Salt)
Where's the beef? (Wendy's)


Look Ma, no cavities! (Crest toothpaste)
Let your fingers do the walking (Yellow Pages)
Loose lips sink ships (public service)
M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand (M&M candies) We bring good things to life (General Electric)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All-round pollution

The following question I have placed in 'Yahoo Answers' and I have received some answers which I give below:
Where are we heading to, with cultural, environmental, life values and political pollution?

The age-old Indian culture is fast rotting. Brotherhood between people is mostly lost. The seven deadly sins have taken on many. The elders and teachers are neither respected nor do they deserve respect by their conduct.

The T V culture has taken over and way-ward sex and life styles are no more taboos.
Political pollution is at its worst. Corrupt men at the helm rule the roost. Coalition forces compromises on principles. The country is sinking.

Environmental pollution has made the nature dirty and the rivers are stinking. The air we breathe is poisonous. Garbage dumps and slums are every-where. The Nature erupts, suffocates and shakes.

Life Values are not valued. Corruption has set even in Judiciary, the main pillar of Democracy. Educational Institutions target fleecing and do not impart character on its wards. Dejection and comfort are found in drugs, drinks, and tobacco and way-ward life-styles.

Causing a birth will soon be termed as a sin. To be true WISDOM restricts it.


ü We are all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ü Ask Him into your life and let His Wisdom restore it.

ü Nothing lasts forever. Where is Olympus, where are the Pharaohs with all their power and wealth? With the impending nuclear war again, what will last? Everything got destroyed but the Word of God for two thousand years are still here. Even the tallest buildings were destroyed and the pyramids are deteriorating.

ü Well the first thing is to make SURE the next President is someone that has proven integrity. Everyone should read 'Nemesis' for the low-down facts of what's wrong & how US is heading toward bankruptcy at the beckon of its enemies. A normal tendency is to choose the top dollar campaigners and guess whose $$ is a large part of it. Only a few have acted on border security. Also someone who screams freedom while pointing a bayonet doesn't relate well, we need someone who wants to make amends for our Imperialistic involvements in the past, backing the tyrants as in 1953 Iraq. Not go to war b/c of oil possession killing in the name of terrorism. We have a lot of wounds to mend if we want to change our image and don't look to this Congress or Administration to do it.

ü The only thing I see different from the past is TV. The fact that TV has been used to restore our morals to the low levels that they once were truly sad. Truly, political corruption comes and goes. Throughout the Millennia it takes good people like you to stand up and say, "enough is enough" to restore goodness and quality to our values. Best regards, keep up the good work.

ü I believe we are heading right into self destruction, our societies around the world have simply gone mad, and have taken leave of their senses, our world has become violent, and corrupt with greed for power and wealth, hatred for one another grows daily, we have been given a beautiful world to live on, but our actions and disrespect for it surly tells me we do not deserve it.

ü You are exactly right we are going to destroy the world. We are responsible for that. How should I tell you that the same questions I asked with the head of disaster management officers? They replied that should we stop the utilization of raw material? I am sad to know the views of that responsible officer who are even not ready to accept the things that technologies are destroying the Universe. Everyday the number of vehicles and factories are increasing and they are not ready to accept that we are killing people. The only way is to transform us and make some laws for controlling the situation. So a group of people like you should be formed who can tell that how moving the vehicle is killing the people and how we are killing the people by water mismanagement. So if you are interested please mail me. I pray to the God to introduce me to the people of the same mind.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

World-wide adverse response against Commercial Evangelism

The following question I asked in ‘Yahoo Answers’ for surfers to respond: -

Don't you think that Commercial Evangelists live by lies and falsehood and are parasitic to Christianity?

“To laugh out loud at my old age, I see Television channels telecasting ‘Commercial Evangelical Soaps’ wherein self-anointed blessings brokers through hysterical gestures, dancing eyebrows and jerking faces blare out lies and falsehood walking up and down while cameras focus on nodding heads, raising hands and crying faces. Some with dyed hair and bald plates claim of healing terminal diseases like cancer, aids etc., and parade the healed to build up credibility already boosted by the presence of modern Judas Iscariots in colourful holy robes listening attentively and singing along. In India there are a number of professional Evangelists who live by fleecing the poor, innocent and ignorant believers. One Evangelist had the company of Lord Jesus Christ for full three hours when he was 27 years of age. At his command Jesus Christ repair worn-out organs, replace some with brand new ones and plant babies in barren wombs. They go scot-free as none dare question these professional evangelists.”

I received instantly the following responses, and more are likely to follow which along with this I will put in my web site ‘

Ø Of course...

Ø As long as there are fools, there will be someone to take advantage of them.

Ø A true evangelist is one that tells u the good things of the religion instead of harping u on the other religion being bad and criticising it

Ø Of course they are! Televangelists generally end up on TV being arrested as Con men/women

Ø Perhaps they ARE Christianity, and the whole thing is parasitic?

Ø Some are fakes and some are not. The ones that are will get there's from God personally! The real ones I can say are Billy Graham J. Vernon Mc Gee, Chuck Smith, Chuck Missler, Mike MacIntosh, Franklin Graham, Even Dr. Gene Scott who seemed phony but was actually a wonderful teacher. My opinion is anyone on TBN is probably suspect except Hal Lindsay and Jack Van Impee.

Ø You must watch them a lot to know so much. I prefer to turn them off! If everyone did, problem solved. May God Bless you.

Ø I am Christian and I agree with you. These parasitic sham artists are horrible people. They are truly anti-religious atheists or they would not be so bold. Please understand I am not saying all atheists advocate such bad behavior. I am simply saying that if these people sincerely believed in God, they would not make a mockery of religion and do it for profit. They are just too lazy and dishonest to get a job

Ø I was recently enlightened by the whole turn of events by my partner who was rather eager to entertain me with a documentary of these Evangelists residing in the USA, practicing Christian Voo Doo on children and infants in an obscene fashion! I am a Christian myself, however, I do not believe that the Bible and Gods word should be executed in the manner I witnessed in the documentary The God Delusion. It was not only extremely disturbing and manipulating for non-believers; it truly portrayed the Christian faith as being more like a sadistic cult, than a faith of purity and innocence. In saying this, I find that these Evangelists, are sadly twisting the Christian faith into what I would believe some sort of dictatorship, which lacks all the spiritual and godly depth that Christianity truly stands for. Religiously speaking the Bible by no means states that we are to behave in the fashion of these so-called Christians. The kingdom of God is within you and it is truly a selfless state that true Christianity evolves in. Propaganda, manipulation, militancy and a misleading existence of truth, thrives among this circle of Evangelists and I consider that to be not only dangerous for the society we live in (as we are so easily affected by media and society), but also detrimental to the youth of today not being able to identify with themselves "who they truly are" and develop their own sense of being. All in all, you cannot question their antics, as eventually the repercussions I believe, politically, will have devastating effects on the world we live in. It simply cannot continue at this level

Ø This is a big business supported by our political leaders. These so called men and women of God own billions of dollars of property, television stations and even diamond mines in other countries. Praise the lord

Ø It's like tax-free legalized fraud.

Ø Who does the most damage? They or George Bush? Well, what do you expect when you live in a nation of idiots who spend their lives pissing their pants in ignorant fear? P.T.Barnum said it best-"there's a ****** born every minute".

Ø I definitely think they are frauds. If they were working for God, and were doing well, they wouldn't have to ask for money because God would bring it to them. Anyone who has to ask for money in God's name I think the same thing about. It's like tithing. Ever go to a church where they make a big deal about tithing? Before they do the offering they will have a big prayer about it, and make a big deal out if it....If you're doing God work, stick a locked box on the altar or in the back somewhere, in a place where it is seen well, and let the people give freely, on their own without coercion from Pastors and the like.
Ø Remember when Oral Roberts said God had told him that unless people sent him $8 million he would die?

Ø Well God spoke to me as I was reading your question, and if the true believers out there do not send me $80 million, he is going to kill off all the evangelists, and make their followers memorize your question

Ø They're nut jobs and they're part of the reason some atheists/agnostics are hostile towards Christians. They are agents of intolerance. They radicalize anyone susceptible to their treachery. Of course they live by lies and falsehoods; but at least even many Christians can use logic, and see through their nonsense.

Ø Many televangelists do mislead people. For many, it IS all a show and an act. They rehearse ahead of time how they are going to zoom in with the camera for maximum effect. Sure, this happens. Still, God sees all, and HE will judge these folks for daring to mislead others in HIS name for their own profit. The purpose of television ministry however, is to reach a broad range of people, and to reach those who would otherwise not set foot in the Church. This can be a very good thing, and many homebound Christians look forward to church services on television. You can't judge all of them as a whole. You have to use a spirit of discernment to figure out who is genuinely serving God and who is serving himself (or herself). Billy Graham and Franklin Graham are famous for their crusades that fill stadiums and are broadcast on television. The message is simple, there are no dramatic productions, and there is just the simple message of Christ's love for us. There is worship and praise music, but most people who go to and watch these services WANT to hear this music. God is worthy of this praise.

Ø To answer your question, yes, these wolves in sheep's clothing are out there. The Bible even talks about people such as these who mislead others. The Bible tells of how God will judge them even more harshly for their acts. They are not representative however, of all televangelists who are merely trying to spread the Word of God to a vast audience, as their convictions call them to do.

Ø Jesus Christ never converted anybody into Christianity because he was a Jew and he himself said: I have not come to abolish the religion of Moses. Then who has authorised the people to proclaim the religion of Christianity & convert people. Because Jesus has said not to snatch the bread from the Jews and throw to the gentiles. That means apart from Jews who are original Christians other are following just a myth called Christianity. The biggest benefit reapers are the so- called fathers/sisters/mothers/brother... And you name anybody by any relation.

Ø They do Christianity a horrible disservice. They spout bigoted drivel and make ludicrous claims and even host huge weekend revivals in order to teach small children how to counter evolution thereby depriving those children and Christianity in general of a pool of intelligent, thoughtful people to help religious doctrine assimilate and reconcile with continued scientific exploration. When most of us non-Christians go off about fondues the evangelists usually rank up there in the discussion along with some other rather loud members of other denominations. The truth is, the in-your-face smokers who constantly demand their smoking rights push non-smokers into legislation, its the same with the in-your-face you'll-all-go-to-hell folks that get religion pushed out of places. I have no problem with people that think and practice differently, I respect their love for their God and the like but when they start pushing me, my children and others into doing it their way then I get ruffled as do many people of all faiths.

Ø Who are you to judge? All the thousands of people sitting and listening, do they not understand the meaning of the words. Why do they sit and listen. Each and every one has one sublime quality, which is called faith. They believe. If you believe, then you will receive. I am not a spiritualist. But I do know that what does not affect you, you have no need to criticize or find fault. As an example: Say you have a kidney pain. You go to the doctor who gives you a prescription. Take the following tablets. By mistake you buy Vitamin C tablets, which you ingest. The next day despite your kidney pain will be healed only because you took the tablet with faith in the doctor. The same way, you can expect in your own terms that due to faith all these healings take place. I am only using this example as my argument. I definitely do believe in God and I also do believe the evangelists are doing a very good job in keeping so many people in faith and not confused with life.

DaVinci Code

This text of my letter was published in the New Indian Express

I am a Senior Citizen, a Christian by birth being the son of a Christian priest and live the life of a true Christian respecting all religions around me. Judaism, Islam and Christianity were religions that none would dare question against its teachings. But during the last few decades Christianity slipped low and down from its high pedestal and Jesus Christ and His noble teachings were misrepresented by his accredited followers all over the world to suit their vested interests and church heads go on looking the other way. During the last few decades, novels, stage shows and visual media had portrayed Christ in negative and ugly ways to make a fast buck. The Da Vinci Code is no exception and the Christians themselves are solely to be blamed for this nasty situation. Sunday is a day of rest, meditation and thanks giving prayers. But to me it is the best amusement day of the week for laughing out loud on seeing the hysterical prayers of commercial Evangelists of different denominations. This being the current situation, the evil presentation of Christ through The Da Vinci Code does less harm to Christianity than these self-seeking fraudulent commercial Evangelists parasitical to Christianity. "

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Knowledge, Wisdom & Intelligence

Posted January 9, 2007

This is posted for your benefit – Please invite your friends to visit this space. You can contact me through E-mail. I also invite you to be a member of World Web Friends Forum – a group that uses the web for community benefit. It is managed and owned by The Sales Digest. Please enroll only if you are open minded and progressive in outlook because it, while passing over knowledge and sharing experience will expose the negative forces that is overshadowing the political, religious and social scenario. The presentation in all respects will be realistic and based on experiences – sweet and bitter – of the past of a highly sensitive senior citizen.


I salute my country on its 57th Republic Day – K. Mathew Thomas

A Situational Answer!

The daytime salesmen meet was over. Night set in to herald the so-called tension releasing drinking session. One and all were inebriated and were on their top wits. An idea suddenly dawned on to the brain enlivened Country Manager. Why not use the mela to test the product knowledge! He called in the nearby man and put an intelligent question. I, being the head of the Southern Sales Zone, was also ordered to stand by. In a low pitch, he put his Einstein proof question. What is the difference between Cloths based adhesive tape and cellulose based adhesive tape? Prompt came the reply in an incoherent voice. “Cloth based adhesive tape is Cloth based adhesive tape and cellulose based adhesive tape is Cellulose based adhesive tape”, any doubt? He countered. Not at all! The Boss in his high wits nodded in appreciation of the wonderful answer. To this day I do not know how I managed a flying exit from the earth sliding-away scene. ((“It happened”) K. Mathew Thomas


As a Salesman, I consider serving my
customer as the most important
part of my career activity. I believe
that my customer, my employer and
I are interdependent. I am
dependent on my customer in joint
interests - his interests, my
employer’s interests
and my own interests. I will live
and function as a role model imbibing
in me the best in personal and
professional qualities. Integrity,
I believe is the fountainhead
of character.

My customer trusts me to serve his
interests by providing him with quality
goods and services he needs, in time
at fair cost and help him earn his
rightful reward that enables him
to confidently continue and prosper
in his profession

I will inscribe in my heart
that my customer and my employer
can never be a pebble in my shoe unless
I fail them in upholding their interests,
rights and privileges and guiding them
in the right path to tread on and progress.
I should strive hard to achieve the best
in customer relationship without
sacrificing the interests of my employer.
It will be my endeavor to do equal
justice to all those whom I have to
serve and live up fully to their

As a Salesman, the fulfillment of this CREED is my LIFE MISSION.
K. Mathew Thomas


...Studies first, the products he is to sell; its market potential; the existing and prospective customers and his own capability to knock out his competitors & establish for him and his company a name that symbolizes trust & dynamism.

...Targets the entire market for his products and works hard to achieve it with a positive outlook to be the leader in the filed with the maximum market share for his product with full understanding that none can ever achieve a cent percent market share.

...Plans his target much in advance before the company does it and helps the management to formulate a realistic target, based on market potential, market conditions, competitors’ activities and advertisement budget that propel him to greater heights.

...Present reports to the company regularly true to his convictions ignoring totally the bad blood that perhaps, may at time be created in lesser minds at the top.

...Studies the market in depth and reports to the management from time to time the marketing Achilles’ heels of the competitors. He assesses realistic prospects for introducing new products to maintain the market leadership. He should ensure the dependence of the dealer network to his company, thereby paralyzing competitions in the field.

...Plans his calls weeks in advance, categorizing his customers in groups, writing down the values in business that can be generated from each one. He faithfully follows his plans to the maximum extent, analyses the results at the end of the week and reports back to the management.

...Makes judicious use of the advertisement materials he is provided with, active cooperation from the distribution agencies and those who man the sales outlets.

...Keeps the friendliest relations with all the people connected to him in sales - the customers, the sales outlets and others if any.
...Makes his managers work hard for him, supporting him in all his efforts for the good of the company through better sales and territory management.

...Works in the interests of his customers, in the interest of his company, which ultimately is in his own interests, commanding respects and admiration from all.

...Inscribes in his heart that ‘Salesmanship is more or less a conscious employment of reasoned arguments and emotional appeal in the disposal of increasing quantities of worthy merchandise’

Are you a good salesman?Judge yourself!

Issued by - K. Mathew Thomas Ex. District Manager - Southern Sales Zone - Johnson & Johnson Ltd.,
In respectful homage to his mentor, the late Mr. Win Chadha, a strategist in Sales Administration.

Gift a new life to the organs that do not die
and give a new life to one, dying for want of it

When you can do
the common things
of life in an uncommon way you
will command
the attention of the world – Anonymous

Character, Involvement, Intelligent Planning, Innovative Marketing Strategies, Integrity, Loyalty, Leadership Qualities and a will to stick to the right path against all odds make one a GOOD SALESMAN
K. Mathew Thomas
‘You are only an attitude away from success’ - John Maxwell

6 i ways to the top: integrity, industry, intelligence, imagination, initiative, innovation - K. Mathew Thomas
Alcoholic addiction can cause harm to so many areas of a person’s life – from PHYSICAL HEALTH TO JOB, CAREER, CREDIBILITY SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP AND FAMILY LIFE - ALCOHOLISM is the bane of a Salesman’s Career - K. Mathew Thomas

Quality culture of a good salesman

Integrity, Loyalty, Involvement,
Intelligent Planning,
Sincerity in Customer Service,
Innovative Marketing Strategies, along with
leadership qualities make one a Successful
SALESMAN - K. Mathew Thomas

K. Mathew Thomas

Constant viewing of PORNOGRAPHIC, PERVERSIVE, VIOLENT, REVENGEFUL, CHAOTIC, scenes telecast through me can retard the healthy development of your personality, character, sound social relationship, physical and mental development and vital eye-sight. Please view me only for enrichment of knowledge and clean entertainment. Compiled by: - K. Mathew Thomas

- K. Mathew Thomas
“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust, sweat and blood; who strive valiantly; who err; and who come short again and again. It is he who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best knows in the end the triumphs of high achievement; and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither defeat nor victory
Author unknown



A group of Roman Catholic Dignitaries from Vatican landed in our College campus in a white 1950, state-of-the-art limousine, The College Management was more than delighted. The Malayalam Professor with a decent working knowledge in Latin was deputed to be the principal host. The priest being very humble and pleasant, the Management was more than confident that the priest would do justice to the job. The guests were taken around the campus; the lab, the hostels, staff quarters and the local Roman Catholic Church. The Medical Centre was in their last itinerary. The Medical Centre impressed the guests very much. It was time to depart. The guests profusely thanked the host and made a moving adieu. Thank you for your HOSPITALITY, the leader said. The priest was sure that it was an acknowledgement of the facilities in the Medical Centre. In his broken English the priest responded. “We do not have as much as a HOSPITAL has, but with what little we have we do an excellent job”. The guests quickly retreated astonished. K. Mathew Thomas


I AM YOUR EYE, crafted by our LORD who is full of love and compassion. He gifted me to you with love to lighten-up your life and your path. I am with you for life, with love. Our Loving LORD desires you to take tender care of me as he created me to be your lifelong companion. The human life perishes; but I do not. I live till I am consigned to death. Day and night I move with you; sleep with you and toil with you. Till end I guide you in your path; in smooth, rugged or hostile terrains. You see through me the wonders of our LORD’s creations; the flowing rivers, the roaring oceans, the mesmerism of mountains, the beauty and colors of fragrant flowers and plants, the bewitching waterfalls, the mystic Sun, the Moon, the Stars and your near and dear ones in life and glorify HIM for HIS gift of sight.

It is in you to decide whether I should live beyond human life. Think deep, think kind, and think humane. My life is not limited to a single life. This is the resolve of our loving God, my creator that I am passed on to those living in eternal darkness. To bury me, burn me or preying me to the vultures and extinguish the life in me is against the commandment of our LORD and a sin committed against him in violation of the rule of life preservation. You pray and I pray that I do not become a prey to manifestations of ignorance, comic myths and prejudices alien to life and love. Hallowed be the one who gift me with life to one with life to live in life and sing the glory of you and our LORD. Preserving the life in me for the vision of your brethren is your noblest parting gift to your Loving God
K. Mathew Thomas


Regardless of the form of meditation, it is a good idea to take a shower, or wash your hands and face before you meditate. You may want to set aside a special place in your room that you only use for meditation. Or you can find a place outside that feels good to you. It is important to keep the back straight during meditation, whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair. Energy flows up the spine, so we try to create a straight pathway for it. Also, it’s a good idea not to eat too much before you meditate, or you will feel heavy and tired. At the end of a meditation session, always bow in gratitude and offer your meditation back to the universe. This humble sign of gratitude is very important in Buddhist practice.

“Meditation is the bridge between this and all other levels of consciousness;
Practicing meditation makes you aware of your eternally enlightened nature.
By practicing meditation you will come to see that the true nature of the real you,
the body of light is everlasting bliss!”

Major Religions of the world ranked by adherents

Christianity: 2.1 billion
Islam: 1.3 billion
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
Hinduism: 900 million
Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
Buddhism: 376 million
Primal-indigenous: 300 million
African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
Sikhism: 23 million
Juche: 19 million
Spiritism: 15 million
Judaism: 14 million
Baha’i: 7 million
Jainism: 4.2 million
Shinto: 4 million
Cao Dai: 4 million
Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
Tenrikyo: 2 million
Neo-Paganism: 1 million
Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand
Rastafarianism: 600 thousand
Scientology: 500 thousand

– K. Mathew Thomas

Multiple tags – Race, Religion, Region …….
Single Identity – INDIAN
– K. Mathew Thomas

People of character builds-up a nation of character – K. Mathew Thomas

A request to the visitors of this space: - Please make suggestions on improving contents’ quality to K. Mathew Thomas through E-mail: - Thank you so much for your visit to this site. Regards and best wishes - Thomas