Friday, May 25, 2007

Its applications, its limitations and its versatility

STICKER is a term used in common parlance. It is technically termed as ‘PRESSURE SENSITIVE STRIP’ - a strip that is sensitive to touch. Any material coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive turns self-adhesive.

The applications of self-sticking labels are universal. At homes stickers are used as write-on labels or printed labels such as address labels with names etc. In business establishments self-adhesive labels are used in Accounts, Administration, HRD, Public Relations Sales & Marketing, Warehouse, Shipping and Packing departments.

Wide ranges of universally accepted, elegantly designed efficiency labels are available carrying user instructions, warnings and messages meant for those who handle it or use it.

Innovative designs are a treat to the eyes. Base material for stickers are chosen with an eye on adaptability on applications. Paper, Vinyl Film, Polyester film (plain or vacuum metallic) are some among the base materials. Adhesives are also selected to suit the applications. If the sticker is to remain permanently on the applied surface a different grade of adhesive should be selected. While selecting the siliconised release paper, it is always better to choose a thick coated paper for better peel-off quality and tear resistance.

Stickers For Publicity:

Stickers are widely used for publicity at sales points and on vehicles and considered the second best effective publicity, standing next to TV Publicity. It complements all other publicity efforts as it serves as reminders when actual purchase takes place at sales points. At a time when shopping is considered as a family outing occasion, stickers displayed at sales points seldom miss the attention of the shoppers. Similarly stickers applied on moving vehicles - adhesive coated on the printed surface if used as glass stickers - travels far and wide catching the attention of all road users. Inexpensive PVC Sunvisor stickers - price ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 are a boon to the drivers as it prevents the glare from direct sunlight. Auto men welcome it. With city Corporations bent on a near corporal punishment on outdoors advertisers, SUNVISOR STICKERS is the best effective option.

Sticker Limitations:

The surface to which a sticker is stuck determines the effectiveness of the sticking property. A sticker will stick effectively only on an even surface free from dust, moisture, grease or oil. The life of a paper sticker is about six months under proper storage conditions. Paper being porous absorbs the coated adhesive leading to its discolourisation. White will turn to an ugly white in course of time if stored long. In case of synthetic films adhesive absorption never takes place and the adhesive will ooze out on sides making packed stickers sticking to one another. Stickers coated with rubber-based adhesive separate during long storage. Screen-printed stickers enjoy depth of colours besides the economy of low quantity printing. While it can be supplied pre-cut in sheet form at extra cost, it does not enjoy the easy peelability and application facility of stickers available in roll form.
Courtesy: FUJICON - Mfrs, of a wide range of
low cost quality stickers since 1969

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