Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All-round pollution

The following question I have placed in 'Yahoo Answers' and I have received some answers which I give below:
Where are we heading to, with cultural, environmental, life values and political pollution?

The age-old Indian culture is fast rotting. Brotherhood between people is mostly lost. The seven deadly sins have taken on many. The elders and teachers are neither respected nor do they deserve respect by their conduct.

The T V culture has taken over and way-ward sex and life styles are no more taboos.
Political pollution is at its worst. Corrupt men at the helm rule the roost. Coalition forces compromises on principles. The country is sinking.

Environmental pollution has made the nature dirty and the rivers are stinking. The air we breathe is poisonous. Garbage dumps and slums are every-where. The Nature erupts, suffocates and shakes.

Life Values are not valued. Corruption has set even in Judiciary, the main pillar of Democracy. Educational Institutions target fleecing and do not impart character on its wards. Dejection and comfort are found in drugs, drinks, and tobacco and way-ward life-styles.

Causing a birth will soon be termed as a sin. To be true WISDOM restricts it.


ü We are all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ü Ask Him into your life and let His Wisdom restore it.

ü Nothing lasts forever. Where is Olympus, where are the Pharaohs with all their power and wealth? With the impending nuclear war again, what will last? Everything got destroyed but the Word of God for two thousand years are still here. Even the tallest buildings were destroyed and the pyramids are deteriorating.

ü Well the first thing is to make SURE the next President is someone that has proven integrity. Everyone should read 'Nemesis' for the low-down facts of what's wrong & how US is heading toward bankruptcy at the beckon of its enemies. A normal tendency is to choose the top dollar campaigners and guess whose $$ is a large part of it. Only a few have acted on border security. Also someone who screams freedom while pointing a bayonet doesn't relate well, we need someone who wants to make amends for our Imperialistic involvements in the past, backing the tyrants as in 1953 Iraq. Not go to war b/c of oil possession killing in the name of terrorism. We have a lot of wounds to mend if we want to change our image and don't look to this Congress or Administration to do it.

ü The only thing I see different from the past is TV. The fact that TV has been used to restore our morals to the low levels that they once were truly sad. Truly, political corruption comes and goes. Throughout the Millennia it takes good people like you to stand up and say, "enough is enough" to restore goodness and quality to our values. Best regards, keep up the good work.

ü I believe we are heading right into self destruction, our societies around the world have simply gone mad, and have taken leave of their senses, our world has become violent, and corrupt with greed for power and wealth, hatred for one another grows daily, we have been given a beautiful world to live on, but our actions and disrespect for it surly tells me we do not deserve it.

ü You are exactly right we are going to destroy the world. We are responsible for that. How should I tell you that the same questions I asked with the head of disaster management officers? They replied that should we stop the utilization of raw material? I am sad to know the views of that responsible officer who are even not ready to accept the things that technologies are destroying the Universe. Everyday the number of vehicles and factories are increasing and they are not ready to accept that we are killing people. The only way is to transform us and make some laws for controlling the situation. So a group of people like you should be formed who can tell that how moving the vehicle is killing the people and how we are killing the people by water mismanagement. So if you are interested please mail me. I pray to the God to introduce me to the people of the same mind.

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