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World-wide adverse response against Commercial Evangelism

The following question I asked in ‘Yahoo Answers’ for surfers to respond: -

Don't you think that Commercial Evangelists live by lies and falsehood and are parasitic to Christianity?

“To laugh out loud at my old age, I see Television channels telecasting ‘Commercial Evangelical Soaps’ wherein self-anointed blessings brokers through hysterical gestures, dancing eyebrows and jerking faces blare out lies and falsehood walking up and down while cameras focus on nodding heads, raising hands and crying faces. Some with dyed hair and bald plates claim of healing terminal diseases like cancer, aids etc., and parade the healed to build up credibility already boosted by the presence of modern Judas Iscariots in colourful holy robes listening attentively and singing along. In India there are a number of professional Evangelists who live by fleecing the poor, innocent and ignorant believers. One Evangelist had the company of Lord Jesus Christ for full three hours when he was 27 years of age. At his command Jesus Christ repair worn-out organs, replace some with brand new ones and plant babies in barren wombs. They go scot-free as none dare question these professional evangelists.”

I received instantly the following responses, and more are likely to follow which along with this I will put in my web site ‘

Ø Of course...

Ø As long as there are fools, there will be someone to take advantage of them.

Ø A true evangelist is one that tells u the good things of the religion instead of harping u on the other religion being bad and criticising it

Ø Of course they are! Televangelists generally end up on TV being arrested as Con men/women

Ø Perhaps they ARE Christianity, and the whole thing is parasitic?

Ø Some are fakes and some are not. The ones that are will get there's from God personally! The real ones I can say are Billy Graham J. Vernon Mc Gee, Chuck Smith, Chuck Missler, Mike MacIntosh, Franklin Graham, Even Dr. Gene Scott who seemed phony but was actually a wonderful teacher. My opinion is anyone on TBN is probably suspect except Hal Lindsay and Jack Van Impee.

Ø You must watch them a lot to know so much. I prefer to turn them off! If everyone did, problem solved. May God Bless you.

Ø I am Christian and I agree with you. These parasitic sham artists are horrible people. They are truly anti-religious atheists or they would not be so bold. Please understand I am not saying all atheists advocate such bad behavior. I am simply saying that if these people sincerely believed in God, they would not make a mockery of religion and do it for profit. They are just too lazy and dishonest to get a job

Ø I was recently enlightened by the whole turn of events by my partner who was rather eager to entertain me with a documentary of these Evangelists residing in the USA, practicing Christian Voo Doo on children and infants in an obscene fashion! I am a Christian myself, however, I do not believe that the Bible and Gods word should be executed in the manner I witnessed in the documentary The God Delusion. It was not only extremely disturbing and manipulating for non-believers; it truly portrayed the Christian faith as being more like a sadistic cult, than a faith of purity and innocence. In saying this, I find that these Evangelists, are sadly twisting the Christian faith into what I would believe some sort of dictatorship, which lacks all the spiritual and godly depth that Christianity truly stands for. Religiously speaking the Bible by no means states that we are to behave in the fashion of these so-called Christians. The kingdom of God is within you and it is truly a selfless state that true Christianity evolves in. Propaganda, manipulation, militancy and a misleading existence of truth, thrives among this circle of Evangelists and I consider that to be not only dangerous for the society we live in (as we are so easily affected by media and society), but also detrimental to the youth of today not being able to identify with themselves "who they truly are" and develop their own sense of being. All in all, you cannot question their antics, as eventually the repercussions I believe, politically, will have devastating effects on the world we live in. It simply cannot continue at this level

Ø This is a big business supported by our political leaders. These so called men and women of God own billions of dollars of property, television stations and even diamond mines in other countries. Praise the lord

Ø It's like tax-free legalized fraud.

Ø Who does the most damage? They or George Bush? Well, what do you expect when you live in a nation of idiots who spend their lives pissing their pants in ignorant fear? P.T.Barnum said it best-"there's a ****** born every minute".

Ø I definitely think they are frauds. If they were working for God, and were doing well, they wouldn't have to ask for money because God would bring it to them. Anyone who has to ask for money in God's name I think the same thing about. It's like tithing. Ever go to a church where they make a big deal about tithing? Before they do the offering they will have a big prayer about it, and make a big deal out if it....If you're doing God work, stick a locked box on the altar or in the back somewhere, in a place where it is seen well, and let the people give freely, on their own without coercion from Pastors and the like.
Ø Remember when Oral Roberts said God had told him that unless people sent him $8 million he would die?

Ø Well God spoke to me as I was reading your question, and if the true believers out there do not send me $80 million, he is going to kill off all the evangelists, and make their followers memorize your question

Ø They're nut jobs and they're part of the reason some atheists/agnostics are hostile towards Christians. They are agents of intolerance. They radicalize anyone susceptible to their treachery. Of course they live by lies and falsehoods; but at least even many Christians can use logic, and see through their nonsense.

Ø Many televangelists do mislead people. For many, it IS all a show and an act. They rehearse ahead of time how they are going to zoom in with the camera for maximum effect. Sure, this happens. Still, God sees all, and HE will judge these folks for daring to mislead others in HIS name for their own profit. The purpose of television ministry however, is to reach a broad range of people, and to reach those who would otherwise not set foot in the Church. This can be a very good thing, and many homebound Christians look forward to church services on television. You can't judge all of them as a whole. You have to use a spirit of discernment to figure out who is genuinely serving God and who is serving himself (or herself). Billy Graham and Franklin Graham are famous for their crusades that fill stadiums and are broadcast on television. The message is simple, there are no dramatic productions, and there is just the simple message of Christ's love for us. There is worship and praise music, but most people who go to and watch these services WANT to hear this music. God is worthy of this praise.

Ø To answer your question, yes, these wolves in sheep's clothing are out there. The Bible even talks about people such as these who mislead others. The Bible tells of how God will judge them even more harshly for their acts. They are not representative however, of all televangelists who are merely trying to spread the Word of God to a vast audience, as their convictions call them to do.

Ø Jesus Christ never converted anybody into Christianity because he was a Jew and he himself said: I have not come to abolish the religion of Moses. Then who has authorised the people to proclaim the religion of Christianity & convert people. Because Jesus has said not to snatch the bread from the Jews and throw to the gentiles. That means apart from Jews who are original Christians other are following just a myth called Christianity. The biggest benefit reapers are the so- called fathers/sisters/mothers/brother... And you name anybody by any relation.

Ø They do Christianity a horrible disservice. They spout bigoted drivel and make ludicrous claims and even host huge weekend revivals in order to teach small children how to counter evolution thereby depriving those children and Christianity in general of a pool of intelligent, thoughtful people to help religious doctrine assimilate and reconcile with continued scientific exploration. When most of us non-Christians go off about fondues the evangelists usually rank up there in the discussion along with some other rather loud members of other denominations. The truth is, the in-your-face smokers who constantly demand their smoking rights push non-smokers into legislation, its the same with the in-your-face you'll-all-go-to-hell folks that get religion pushed out of places. I have no problem with people that think and practice differently, I respect their love for their God and the like but when they start pushing me, my children and others into doing it their way then I get ruffled as do many people of all faiths.

Ø Who are you to judge? All the thousands of people sitting and listening, do they not understand the meaning of the words. Why do they sit and listen. Each and every one has one sublime quality, which is called faith. They believe. If you believe, then you will receive. I am not a spiritualist. But I do know that what does not affect you, you have no need to criticize or find fault. As an example: Say you have a kidney pain. You go to the doctor who gives you a prescription. Take the following tablets. By mistake you buy Vitamin C tablets, which you ingest. The next day despite your kidney pain will be healed only because you took the tablet with faith in the doctor. The same way, you can expect in your own terms that due to faith all these healings take place. I am only using this example as my argument. I definitely do believe in God and I also do believe the evangelists are doing a very good job in keeping so many people in faith and not confused with life.

DaVinci Code

This text of my letter was published in the New Indian Express

I am a Senior Citizen, a Christian by birth being the son of a Christian priest and live the life of a true Christian respecting all religions around me. Judaism, Islam and Christianity were religions that none would dare question against its teachings. But during the last few decades Christianity slipped low and down from its high pedestal and Jesus Christ and His noble teachings were misrepresented by his accredited followers all over the world to suit their vested interests and church heads go on looking the other way. During the last few decades, novels, stage shows and visual media had portrayed Christ in negative and ugly ways to make a fast buck. The Da Vinci Code is no exception and the Christians themselves are solely to be blamed for this nasty situation. Sunday is a day of rest, meditation and thanks giving prayers. But to me it is the best amusement day of the week for laughing out loud on seeing the hysterical prayers of commercial Evangelists of different denominations. This being the current situation, the evil presentation of Christ through The Da Vinci Code does less harm to Christianity than these self-seeking fraudulent commercial Evangelists parasitical to Christianity. "

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